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Children in Worship

What is expected of children during the church's corporate worship? Should they be allowed to do as they like, because they are still children? Let us examine four (4) biblical principles of worship to help us answer these questions.

The Principle of Reverence in Worship

When Moses came near God's special presence in the burning bush at Mt Sanai, God called out to Moses to remove his sandals from his feet. This was to teach Moses the attitude of reverence in coming into God's special presence [Ex 3:4-5]. When the church gathers corporately even for worship, there is God's special presence [Mt 18:20]. The call therefore to reverence during a church worship is demanded in Scriptures. We also see this principle when God killed Nadab & Abihu as they came to God's special presence irreverently [Lev 10:1-3] See also Heb 12:28-29. Children must show reverence to God in the worship service. Neither must they disrupt the reverential atmosphere demanded by God in the worship service.

The Principle of Corporate Edification

"Let all things be done in edification"[1 Cor 14:26b] When some people are noisy or keeps moving around the worship service, this may distract others from the need to concentrate. Everyone therefore should avoid distracting others for maximum edification. A way to keep children from disturbing others must be implemented.

The Principle of Order

The apostle Paul exhorts the church in Corinth, that their corporate gatherings must not be characterized by disorder or confusion but by order and peace (tranquility). And why so? "for God is not a God of confusion but of peace" [1Cor 14:33].

The Principle of Corporate Participation

In Ps 150:6a the psalmist exhorts "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." As it is our children must participate in worship even at their young age.

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